A simple and easy mobile money solution that allows smallholder farmers to lay-away and borrow money to purchase the right inputs at the right time. With Fasiba, Esoko brings together input suppliers, financial institutions and farmers in a virtual marketplace to provide a new way for rural communities to get what they want, when they need it.

How Fasiba Works

Virtual Marketplace

Lay-away Wallet

Quality Inputs

Access To Affordable Credit

Tailored Agricultural Extension

Call Centre Support

What can Fasiba do for you

Input Suppliers

  • Aggregate demand for inputs among smallholders
  • Increase sales to smallholder farmers via the m-commerce platform
  • Build brand and customer loyalty

Financial Institutions

  • Increase loan portfolio among smallholder farmers
  • Lower risk through partnerships with agribusinesses on the platform
  • Access valuable data for credible risk assessment

NGOs and Co-ops

  • Empower farmers with access to inputs and finance
  • Support farmers to plan better and increase yields
  • Enable fast and secure payments to farmers via mobile money


  • Safely outsource input supply to your farmers
  • Enable fast and secure payments to farmers via mobile money
  • Build loyalty among your smallholder suppliers

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