Trying to profile beneficiaries for better targeting? Looking to recruit field agents? Trying to do market research? Understanding your market is key to commercial growth and impact.

Insyt will help you get there through mobile and web-based data collection tools; coupled with agent recruitment and management. Additional services include verification and payment solutions for social protection and agricultural programs.

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What Can Insyt do for you


  • Agent recruitment and training
  • Pyramid management and supervision
  • Monitor agent performance online
  • Data validation and cleaning


  • Secured real time data submission
  • Capture GIS and biometric data
  • Collect data offline/offgrid in remote areas
  • Integrate into your business system
  • Call centre surveys and support


  • Generate new insights from your data
  • Receive real-time reporting on web
  • User-friendly reporting dashboards
  • Interactive visual analysis
  • Visualize geographic areas and maps

Payments & Verification

  • Facial and fingerprint verification
  • Biometrically enabled smart ID cards
  • Secured bulk payment transfers to rural communities
  • Integration with mobile money and local payment gateways

How Our Clients Use Insyt

Government Institutions

  • Conduct large scale data collection projects
  • Identify and reach vulnerable communities for targeted social protection programs
  • Data collection to support various projects
  • Conduct GIS surveys and mapping

Social Projects and NGOs

  • Monitor and evaluate projects through baseline mid- and end-line surveys
  • Conduct research and evaluate project impact
  • Profile and keep track of beneficiaries
  • Collect real time data, track field activities and manage complex databases

Businesses and Enterprises

  • Profile clients, conduct satisfaction surveys and receive instant reports
  • Monitor and track agents in the field in real time
  • Track simple inventory and other logistics
  • Conduct market research on target audience and competitors for smarter decision making

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