Create any kind of content on web and publish it to mobile devices for offline access in hard to reach areas.

K+ Features

Create Online

  • Upload content, update at any time and publish
  • Embed photos and videos for better illustration
  • Style content presentation as you want
  • Content can be published in any language


Access Offline

  • Conduct training in off-grid areas
  • View content on mobile device in the exact structure it was created in
  • Access in offline mode
  • Sync content on device when updated on web

Get Feedback

  • Create quizzes to test understanding
  • Collect user feedback offline
  • Rate content offline

Send Reports

  • Capture videos and photos to share with partners
  • Enter detailed descriptions of activities
  • Capture report in offline mode
  • View and download activity reports

Use Cases for K+

[1/2] Extension Challenges in Africa

  • The extension to farmer ratio in Africa ranges between 1500 to 30,000 farmers for each extension officer
  • Knowledge calibration amongst extension workers is rarely done which results in various versions of agricultural practices


 [2/2] K+ for E-extension

  • K+ is a tool that enables e-extension for our customers
  • K+ enables calibration of knowledge amongst extension workers and farmers, enabling them with a tool which delivers updated information via the web & android channel
  • Updates on new practices & methodology can be accessed via Android devices enabled by K+

Other Cases

  • Education: Upload teaching curriculum for offline access
  • Health: Train health practitioners in hard to reach areas
  • Corporate: Upload company resources for offline access

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